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Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 12:42:15 EST

R J McIntyre wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have a problem. Regular readers of this list will now be saying, "oh no,
> not you again". But please read on.
> I've started developing with the uCsimm a couple of months ago, having
> been thrown in at the deep end. In fact, I only started working with Linux
> a couple of months ago, but would like to think I'm learning quickly.
> I started out with the CD purchased from Lineo with the uCgardener kit,
> and have moved on from there. In my opinion, the problem with all the
> stuff available is that it is so fragmented and all over the place ajnd,
> in general, very poorly documented.

Welcome to the Bazaar! This stuff is moving so fast that if anyone
stops to take a breath, it changes! I look at it this way, this is a
"community", sort of like I have hundreds of co-workers. When you are
working in a company, you end up conferring with your co-workers on how
to do things, bounce ideas off of each other, etc. This is how I look
at how the mailing lists operate, I just have "co-workers" that work in
other countries... We talk, help each other out, listen to ideas...

As to a newbie that wishes to learn embedded systems ... There are
books available to teach concepts of systems, don't ask me for the
particulars, I have seen them mentioned before. There is a certain
BASIC level of competency that is anticipated from anyone that
approaches a discipline: college / technical school training, hobbyist
experience, etc. If you are starting out COLD, no prior experience,
then yes, you will become overwhelmed very quickly as there is a lot of
background experience / knowledge that is needed before tackling
something like uClinux.

Not saying that you would not be able to come up to speed very quickly,
just that the intention of some of the lists (uClinux-dev) have more
advanced topics that extend beyond teaching the newbie the basics.
Although, people on these lists (uCsimm, uClinux-dev) have been very
willing to help newbies get started. I have had some people contact me
directly to ask specific questions on specific concepts that they have
had trouble understanding. For the most part, I have been able to find
time to help, some people I have just found to have too much trouble
understanding the basic concepts and I have directed them elsewhere
(books, college). It is not my intention to be cruel, just that it is
not my wish to tutor people (teach) basic microprocessor theory!



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