[uCsimm] uClibc, documentation and problems„

From: R J McIntyre (eswei@eng.warwick.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 09:20:53 EST

Hello all,

I have a problem. Regular readers of this list will now be saying, "oh no,
not you again". But please read on.

I've started developing with the uCsimm a couple of months ago, having
been thrown in at the deep end. In fact, I only started working with Linux
a couple of months ago, but would like to think I'm learning quickly.

I started out with the CD purchased from Lineo with the uCgardener kit,
and have moved on from there. In my opinion, the problem with all the
stuff available is that it is so fragmented and all over the place ajnd,
in general, very poorly documented.

For example, I got the original m68k tool chains on the CD in rpm form. I
then find out there's a patch to enable 32bit offsets in rpm form. I try
that, it kinda works. Then I find out I can download the gcc and binutils
source and patch that, and build my own toolchains. I do that, and it
doesn't really work. A similar thing happens when trying to sort out
uClibc. I started with the one from the CD, but I find that the include
files (netdb.h in this case) declares functions that don't exist in the
library (getservbyname for example) So I download the latest tarball of
uClibc from the CVS archive, and try and compile that with all the latest
functions in. I then find that this doesn't compile properly because it
makes .weak assembler declaration, which I believe are only used in ELF
binaries. I've heard there's an ELF m68k compiler knocking around
somewhere but I have no idea where.

So, my request is this: Can those in the know please let us newbies know
what is available, where we can get it from and how to compile and use it?
In return, I aim to do something for the community as a whole. There's
been a bit of talk on this list lately about documentation for uclinux. If
I can get enough information together from others, I would like to collate
it all, along with my own experiences, into HOWTOs, FAQs etc that could be
read by newbies in a similar position to me. That way, the list is less
clogged up with daft questions, and can be used more efficiently by those
doing the real development.

As I say, I am new to all this, so if any of my facts are wrong in this
mail, then I apologise: please feel free to correct me in the nastiest way
possible, that way I'll learn too.

My aims are purely to help the community as a whole, and I feel quite
excited that I may be able to give something back, in return for all the
fun I'm having.

Comments please?!?

Rory McIntyre

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