[uCsimm] Where's pin 1 on the ucSimm socket?

From: Chris Worley (cworley@symbionsys.com)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 01:18:26 EST

I've lost the directions on assembling the Gardner unit, and it's not
available at the uclinux/rt-control/lineo web site (actually, nothing
concerning hardware is available: if you look under customer support for
the ucSimm, all you get is hardware sales blurbs and ucLinux support).

Neither it's simm socket nor the ucSimm are marked as to where pin 1 is.

I've searched the archives thoroughly.

I don't have the Gardner with me (the lady doing some rework does, and
she assures me it's not marked). I have the ucSimm; it's not marked.

I'm guessing the 1 pin on the socket is on the keyed end.

Can anyone enlighten me?


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