[uCsimm] Upload of image.bin fails

From: Michael Zacherle (zacherle@szs.ira.uka.de)
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 11:08:48 EST

Hello all,

I just tried to flash my first image.bin. All I did was to install the
CD, change the IP-addresses in etc/rc and then make. The image.bin
has a size of 906708 bytes.

When I try to upload it with xmodem then minicom tells me:

/usr/bin/sx:image.bin:14:0:E: character "©" not allowed in prolog
/usr/bin/sx:image.bin:14:455:E: this is not an SGML document
/usr/bin/sx:image.bin:14:455:E: cannot continue because of previous

What do I do wrong?

Oh, by the way: which sx points me to /usr/bin/sx. sx -v gets me:

sx:I: SP version "1.3.4"




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