RE: [uCsimm] The red 10uF tantalum capacitor

From: John Jeffers (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 10:01:48 EST

Hi it is a Tantalum it will blow up reversed.(new boards only)

You take the lead nearest the + and trace it to the plus side that it sits
in. The instructions make little sense. The board should have had a + on
one hole but originally it was a ceramic monolithic.

Cheers John

At 06:44 AM 2/27/2001 Tuesday, you wrote:
>On my Gardener, the writing on the capacitor faces towards the DB9
>connector. However, it looks a lot to me like this is a ceramic disc type
>capacitor, in which case polarity is irrelevant. Then again, the shape is a
>little unusual for a disc type capacitor, so I could be wrong.
> > I don't know if this is appropriate for this list, but before I solder
> > the uCgardener board together, I have a question about the above
> > component, as warned "The red 10uF tantalum capacitor mst be oriented with
> > the anode (marked with a + and a vertical stripe) facing the center of the
> > PCB and the unmarked side closest to the Rj45 connector"
> >
> > I am a bit confused reguarding this, as I when I face the side of the
> > capacitor with the strip towards the PCB, the unmarked side does not face
> > the RJ45 connector, the link is to a gif which I think shows the WRONG way
> > to orient the capacitor,

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