[uCsimm] Servo Control

From: Frederick Hopke (hopke+uclinux@andrew.cmu.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 11:49:09 EST

Forgive me I'm new to linux in general and also have I'm a MechE and thus
this isn't entirely my field of expertise. Anyway... I've been given the
task of figuring out how to use our new and groovy uCsimm to do the
following tasks:

a) Control a Servo
b) Run a quickcam

the second isn't nearly as important as the first. Now I understand the
basic concept of using PWM to control the Servo, but for the life of me I
can't make heads or tails of the documentation concerning it's use on the
uCsimm... Has anyone out there done this and can they offer some pointers?
Any help would be appreciated :)


Frederick K. Hopke hopke@andrew.cmu.edu

Student Software Assistant, CMU Computing Services
Undergraduate Research Assistant, I-Cubes project
Buggy Chair/Secretary/Treasurer, W3VC-
             Club Station of the Carnegie Tech Radio Club
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