Re: [uCsimm] Init.b and /CSB

From: Daniel Haensse (
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 02:12:10 EST

Hi Tom,

I had to change the mmod routine, because the console shows all the commands
send to the device (like FFFFFFAA0120). This may overwrite the xecho output.
I use C-Kermit as the kermit interpreter. Do you have an idea? (I just
have inserted CR,LF)

mdisp is very powerful. I use a Weller soldering station with a concave tip.
The solder is pulled out of the tip when it moves across the pins and pads.
The corners are a big problem (One of the corners is D15 and GND ;-) ).
I called "mdisp 0 4" and it showed ff 8f ff 8f. Otherwise I would still
sit there with my probe.... Thanks again Vladimir for the tool.


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> daniel haensse wrote:
> >
> > I have found it. D15 has been connected to GND. Their is almost no space between
> > the pins!!
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> I also use Vladimir's bbug on my design. I find it helpful to place the
> board into BDM mode, then upload a B record file that initializes the
> chip selects, and turns on the DRAM controller. I then can do some
> simple mmod on the DRAM to see if it looks like the DRAM is working,
> then do some mdisp stuff on the ROM to make sure it looks okay...
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