[uCsimm] kmalloc return

From: M. B. Anand (anand@ekasystems.com)
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 01:57:06 EST

I am trying to integrate a driver into the kernel. I am using the standard
uClinux CD version 2.0.381pre7.
In one place in the driver code, kmalloc, called with GFP_ATOMIC returns an
address of 0x7F7322. Doesn't fail with NULL According to the uCSimm manual
0x7F0000 and above is bootloader stack RAM and the operating system RAM ends
at 0x7EFFFF.
Any ideas why kmalloc returns such values ? Do I have to change something
somewhere to educate kmalloc ?

BTW, the driver is crashing when the struct addressed by the above kmalloced
pointer is accessed much later in the execution flow although not
immediately which also seems strange...

I would appreciate any suggestions/pointers anyone can give.


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