[uCsimm] Init.b and /CSB

From: daniel haensse (daniel.haensse@fhk.usz.ch)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 11:16:02 EST

Hi all,

First of all thank you Vladimir for bbug.
I have some trouble with initialisation of my board.

from my init.b:

FFFFF1180130 emucs init 4-8 not needed without emuchip
FFFFF000011C SCR init 3-2 nothing to change
FFFFFB0B0100 Disable WD 13-5
FFFFF42B0183 enable clko 7-12
FFFFF40B0100 set as dedicated chip selects 7-4
FFFFF4230100 enable *DWE 7-11
FFFFFD0D0108 disable hardmap 15-6 $0000 is $fffc
FFFFFD0F010f clear level 7 interrupt 15-8
FFFFF100028600 CSA
FFFFF110020187 2 x 1M
FFFFF2010130 enable clko
FFFFF102028000 CSB
--> FFFFF112020191 enable ethernetcontroller and DPRAM

Does anybody know what is wrong with this line, by just switching /CSB0 and
/CSB1 on? If I move the "FFFFF2010130 enable clko" from above to this point,
the CLKO doesn't oscillate anymore.

FFFFFC00028f00 DRAM Config at $0 14-6
FFFFFC02029667 DRAM Control
FFFFF106020000 CSD init at 0 -- RAS0 4M-6M, RAS1 6M-8M 4-4
FFFFF11602068F enable DRAM cs
FFFFF3000140 IVR


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