[uCsimm] Yet Another 68VZ328 BOARD

From: Matthew Singer (msinger@seatech.fau.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 14:46:22 EST

This will be available soon too.

"The DAQStick"

DAQ6854 Networked DSP/Data Acquisiton Board

Preliminary Specifications

33 Mhz Motorola 68VZ328 DragonBall Host uController with
16 Meg Ram (optional to 32 Meg)
4 Meg FLASH (optional to 16 Meg)
2 RS232/RS422 Serial Ports
2 SPI ports
Battery backed up Real Time Clock
Precision Timer (10 us Resolution) synced to GPS input
Flash File System
HTTP server
10 Base-T Ethernet

100/160 MIP TMS320C5409/5416 Digital Signal Processor
128K/256K bytes (64K/128K Words) RAM
2 Channels 1M sample 12 bit DAC
4 Channels 200K Sample 12 bit ADC
Programmable ADC/DAC Gain Amplifiers
Programmable ADC/DAC PLL for fine resolution clocking
JTAG interface for XDS-510 debugger (Use TI Code Composer for DSP
8 BiDirectional DIO lines

External Bus Connections for slave DSP (daughter card) or Compact Flash
Low Power
 Single 3.3V supply
500 mW active, 50 mW standby
VZ328 & C54xx can wake each other from idle

Compact Size - 2 " x 6"
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