[uCsimm] A problem from a new user.

From: R J McIntyre (eswei@eng.warwick.ac.uk)
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 15:09:29 EST

Hello everyone,

I am new to both the uCsimm and uClinux, and fairly new to using Linux on
my desktop PC, but I have been thrown into developing a project using
these and need to learn quickly.

I recently purchased 2 uCsimm modules and 2 uCgardener kits and have
installed all the necessry software on my system. I have run through all
the installation steps and got the uCsimm working with minicom. This is
where the problem has come up. As I boot the uClinux kernel, all goes well
up until the initialisation of the CS8900 ethernet device.

At this point, it says the device has been detected, but then I get a
number of error messages. First, as it gets to the stage where it says
"Attempting TP" it prints a message alongs the lines of "CS8900: 10
Base-T, no cable detected". Then it goes into an endless loop where it
spews out messages like "CS8900: No memory allocated for Tx" and "CS8900:
IRQ conflict?". I can get the system to boot to a prompt, but I have to
recompile the uClinux kernel without cs8900 support first, and obviously
this means I can't mount a NFS drive. I have also tried to fiddle around
with the networking options

The easy solution, you're probably thinking, is to just attach a cable, as
the error message suggests. I have, of course, tried this and connected it
up to my 3Com 3C509B network card but still no joy. I have attempted to
set up the NFS server properly on my desktop Linux box, but this still
doesn't help. I am unsure if the problem is with the uCsimm, the uClinux
kernel, the setup on my desktop PC or maybe something else (a broken 3Com
card perhaps)?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Rory McIntyre

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