[uCsimm] Calling all uCLinux guys

From: Stuart Norton (Stuart.Norton@densitron.co.uk)
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 12:36:58 EST

Hi all,

I work for a company called Densitron Technologies in the UK, who are
enthusiastic about the possibilities of linux-based embedded systems. We're
sitting on numerous great ideas, and are looking for some help in getting
these ideas into products.

What I'm wanting to know is whether any developers in the UK (and maybe
Europe) are working on projects that are similar to what we're doing, and
are interested in gaining a little sponsorship in order to help polish off
some of your work, and further our developments.

The kind of stuff we're into is:

Getting ViewML (or other browser) sitting comfortably on a uCLinux-based
unit with LCD/Touchscreen. Wall-mounted. (If anyone wants to buy any for
development then let me know - it will probably be a uCSimm-based unit - but
nicely cased).

Getting the bluetooth stack in a kernel build and linking over UART to a
Bluetooth module, running the unit (probably a uCSimm again) as a webserver.
No graphics on board. This will be quite a nice application. Very exciting.
Server-side stuff to do on this as well.

Getting J2ME running on uCLinux on some hardware with LCD/Touchscreen for
downloaded client-side apps. Some apps work on this, but that's secondary.

Does this overlap with what anyone is doing? If so, drop us a mail and we'll
talk. We've got some cool development kits sitting around that need someone
to muck around with them.


Stuart Norton,
Densitron Technologies plc.
tel: +44 (0)1959 542000
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