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Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 15:16:31 EST

There is a high resolution timer. I have been able to achieve about a 125uSec resolution with the simm and some kernel changes I made. I am sure that the simm can handle it. I have it reporting data it collects in realtime over the ethernet so it should be easy to dump it back to a host machine for displaying on the web or whatever.

Peter Thomas

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Is there a hardware timer available to user programs on the uCsimm? I
need to measure the period of a pulse train (~1-60 sec/pulse, 0.1 sec
resolution) and post the measurement to a CGI script on a webserver
(to put the measurements in a database). Before I go building a little
microcontroller circuit to send RS-232 data to the uCsimm, I'd like to
know if I could do it all with the 68EZ328 under uClinux.

-- Ralph

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