[uCsimm] net traffic filtering

From: Joaquin Garay Urrutia (jtagaurj@bi.ehu.es)
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 10:31:26 EST

Hi all,

I'm a telecomunication engineering student and currently I am starting a
project with an ucsimm. The idea is making something about net traffic
filtering. I am a newbie in Linux so my question is:

 Will the ucsimm be able of doing the traffic filtering?

I mean, the ucsimm is running at 16 MHz so, as the Ethernet traffic goes
at 10 Mbps, it only will be able to execute a few instructions.

As I have said I am a newbie in all this, so I have to say I only know
that I have to do it using ipfwadm but nothing more, so any sugestions
about it are welcome.


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