[uCsimm] RT-Fifo problem

From: David (davidbeamonte@yahoo.es)
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 03:42:07 EST


I have installed the RTLinux patches to the uCsimm and was trying to execute
the examples.

The frank example compiles right (except for a warning of an implicit
declaration of 'memset' which i don't think it's a serious problem). But when i
try to execute it in the uCsimm, i am given the error 'Invalid Argument' when
trying to open the node /dev/rtf1 (the same happens with the other ones...). I
think that the nodes are created properly (major=150, minor=1..n).

I must be missing something when installing the patches, maybe... The process
i'm following is this:
- Install a clean linux-2.0.38 kernel.
- Apply 1pre1 patch.
- Apply RTL0.9J-uClinux.1pre1rt patch
- Apply patch3 (the one that changes major to 150)
and recompile the kernel with the right options.

Don't know if the cross-compilers must be recompiled too, or the libm and libc
must change in any way... or whatever...

The parallel example won't compile in any way. It must be a problem in
rt_time.h. Definition of 'struct timespec' doesn't seem to be in that file and
is missing...

Hope that someone can help me.



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