RE: [uCsimm] Problems with RTS and CTS in uCsimm

From: Asier Goikoetxea Yanci (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 06:13:33 EST

Hello Vladimir

Asier Guverich Yanci wrote:

>Well, here are a couple of suggestions:
>1) I hope you use a correct cable to connect uCsimm to the modem.
> Remember, that your PC is a DTE and your modem is a DCE. Thus, Tx and
> Rx pins on the cable that you use to connect uCsimm to the modem
> should be swapped (compared to the cable you use to connect uCsimm to
> your PC).

>2) "AT<CR>"
>command itself does not initialize a modem. It is more like
> a NOP command. If you want your modem to answer the call automatically,
> I suggest you use the following sequence:
> "AT &F E0 Q1 S0=1\015"
> Q1 disables the result codes (otherwise, agetty will interpret modem's
> "OK" as a login name)
>Let me know whether it helps.

First, tell that it runs and thaks for help. Thanks to all people who helped
me too.

The problem was that modem's led what indicates that modem is running didn't
lights, it only lights the modem is connected to a computer. I donīt know
why, but it doesn't mind now. Anyway, I tried configuring modem without
RTS/CTS, DCD ... signals and it worked. So I had the problem, no in the
comunication between the ucsimm and the modem., sorry.


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