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Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 12:16:14 EST

I've used the BOBII module (jameco part) before.
It's based on an STV5730 on-screen display chip from
ST. It can overlay on an existing incoming signal
or generate its own.

The BOBII module adds the necessary filters and a
microcontroller front-end to the ST5730, so it's
extremely easy to use. It includes an LM7805 to
provide +5V or you can bypass it and provide the
+5V yourself. It has a level shifter on the RS232
interface, I'm sure you could bypass that as well
if you really wanted to and not have to use a full
serial port with level shifter from the ucsimm.

I first used the STV5730 in a project, building the
chroma mixer and filters myself; it's interfaced
via SPI. It worked quite well, except for color.
I then used the BOBII module later out of laziness :)
but still couldn't get color to really work. Even
the BOBII instructions mention that color is not

As for text display, you get ROM chars out of the STV5730
for a 11 row by 28 char (308 total) display. You can
set horizontal and vertical offsets, show/hide lines,
have background colors and borders (per character), zoom
(1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x) on lines, blink characters,
and set the overall screen and background colors.

The STV5730 is also capable of both PAL and NTSC output.

The datasheet is located at

It includes example schematics of the needed externals,
programming specs, and the 127 ROM characters.

If you have the experience to do so, I would suggest using
just this chip via SPI and not using the whole BOBII module.

-Brenton Rothchild

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> Raj
> Look in http.// <>
> the part number 162051 Video Text Display Module
> 1-4 units 79.95 USD
> 5-9 units 71.95 usd
> 10-24 units 63.95 usd
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> Subject: [uCsimm] Dragonball on TV
> Hi everybody,
> I am working on a project that requires me to interface a MC68EZ328 to a
> standard colour TV. I am planning to use uClinux.
> Has anyone out there worked with / interfaced a low cost TV/Video controller
> to the Dragonball ? The primary objective is to display text (English)
> onscreen. Bit mapped graphics would be great ! Colour display would be even
> better !!
> I need to keep costs low. I am looking for a simple / single chip solution
> (without extra Video memory etc.)
> Has anybody tried/thought of tweaking the onboard LCD controller to generate
> TV timings ? (HSync/Line Pulse of 15 KHz and VSync/Frame Pulse of 50 Hz) ?
> Any feedback will help.
> Raj Kumar
> Bangalore, India

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