Re: [uCsimm] Relocation problem

From: M. B. Anand (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 14:42:48 EST

> It looks like your error is being reported within the bss section, the
> pic32 compiler only relieves the limitation for the code size,
the data
> is still limited to (I think it is) 32K. Use malloc to get storage
> large arrays / chunks.
> TomW
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Thanks, Tom. A quick confirmed all errors were for global static
I have been going through the archives and trying to understand all
the limitations but I still have a few questions. Sorry for all the
newbie questions.
With the 32-bit PIC patch, the modified crt0.S and no recompilation
of libraries (still 16-bit PIC),
1) What is the limit on the total size of the binary - will recompiling
the libraries with 32-bit change this
2) What is the limit on the text segment
3) What is the limit on the data+bss
4) What exactly is bss (apologies for what is no doubt a stupid question)

Some preliminary hacking to drastically reduce the size of statically
allocated variables still didn't solve the problem. Linking modules
one by one seems to indicate that the errors start appearing when
the total binary size exceeds 64K. Is this still a limit ?
I am guessing that there may be something more to fix with the total
size or bss even after using malloc instead of large static data

Thanks once again very much for the help.


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