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From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 13:13:22 EST

"D. Jeff Dionne" wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Dec 2000, Erwin Authried wrote:
> > There seem to be some problems with the current ARM port from
> > At startup, the EBI control registers are initialized with
> ...
> > Lineo version...
> ...
> > offical kernel source for *all* architectures, otherwise the development
> The site is the "official" version, since I am the
> maintainer. It (just) happens to be Lineo sponsored. Please send me
> patches relative to it, since that's the one that will be used going
> forward. It is also the basis for the pending uClinux 2.4 release (on the
> BSP side).
> > will drift apart even more, making it more difficult to merge all the
> > versions together.
> Yes, I agree. But I do move people's cheese. In this case, the ARM tree
> underwent a substantial reorg, and I'm actually not done with that
> yet. It's going to end up looking like the m68knommu arch in all the
> other architectures as well (arch/$ARCH/platform/$PLATFORM/$BOARD
> directory tree). Unfortunately, the drivers will need to be moved over by
> the various port maintainers.
> Jeff.


I am curious what ever happened to the patch I submited to the
drivers/net/smc9194.c which made it possible to use the SMSC LAN91C96
with the MCEZ328 processors? I had submitted these about 6 months ago,
the CVS tree at does not have the current source, but when I
look at the ColdFire package sources the current driver is there.. I am
beginning to become concerned about the state of the uClinux sources:
Coldfire is using source that is different from CVS, Erwin has source
that is out of sync with Greg & CVS, and I have source that differs from
everyone else!

I am wondering what is to be done? I have a problem with uClinux where
I changed the frequency of the HZ jiffies from 100 Hz to 128 Hz and now
the console driver is behaving oddly (missing TX chars over RS232). I
am thinking that maybe one of the other three sources (Greg, CVS, Erwin)
have maybe corrected this, but who has the correct source? Is the
ColdFire IDE sources more advanced than the CVS?



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