RE: [uCsimm] Problems with RTS and CTS in uCsimm

From: Asier Goikoetxea Yanci (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 11:43:21 EST

        Hello all,

    I'm trying to set up a modem on uCsimm's ttyS0 port. when i send the
agetty command, it runs for about a second, and after this the modem stops.

    I just compiled the kernel to enable support RTS/CTS on 68328 serial
port and tried again with agetty, but i havenīt got success.

    These are the steps that i followed during the proccess:
        1.-I start uCsimm whith autoboot (8 sec.)
        2.-I use telnet as a login, i don't use ttyS0 because i have
connected a modem in, and i have changed /etc/inittab file for not use ttyS0
as login.
        3.-I type agetty -w -I 'AT\015' 9600 ttyS0 to start the modem
connected on port ttyS0.

    and this are the results:
        a.-Modem runs for about a second.
        b.-RTS/CTS signals don't change anytime.
        c.-login is started in ttyS0 port.
        d.-when i type exit command in login on ttyS0 agetty stops

    I have no hardware problems, i guess, i have connected RTS/CTS signals
to ttyS0 port and convert them to RS-232 level, and modem runs on PC, so my
hardware problem maybe not changing RTS/CTS levels.

    I have modified DragonBall's registers to use RTS/CTS, the values are:

address:FFFFF906 old value:2C 00 new value:24 00
address:FFFFF908 old value:00 00 new value:00 40

    What am i doing wrong? Can anybody put me on the correct way?

    Many thanks in advance

Asier Goikoetxea Yanci
Mondragon Unibertsitatea
Communications' Departament
Telf.:943 794700 ext 314

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