AW: Re [uCsimm] OT: Anybody working with the AT91EB40 eval board from Atmel here ?

From: smart solution net GmbH (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 10:54:15 EST

> > Sorry for my offtopic question,
> >
> > but I'm seeking for people who have
> > the atmel eval board up and running,
> > because my tries failed.
> >
> > Anybody here who can point me in the right direction ???
> >
> The EB40 is the sucessor of the EB01. It is the same board, only
> the processor has been changed to the AT91R40807. I'm not quite
> sure if you are asking just for someone working with this board,
> or you are looking for uClinux on the board.
> In the latter case, you'll find a uClinux port at
> in the
> folder Architectures -> ARM -> EB01

Yes, you are right. We want to build a ucLinux system on top of
the EB40. But...
First we tried to get the enclosed ARM SDT(trial) license up and running.
But on all the equipment we have (2 PC's and using two different EB40
our tries to connect the board properly failed.
 Our problem: After running the ARM SDT debugger it connects to the board
and exchanges some data, on most tries this connetion timed out
(after tx/rx about 7000bytes?). But if this task completes, the board timed
after giving it the RUN or Step command.

We tried on comport A at every baudrate (115.2k was listed in our manual)

Any hints ?

As I understand, this board needs some memory upgrade to run ucLinux ?


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