Re: AW: AW: [uCsimm] General memory problem

From: David Beckemeyer (
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 01:06:03 EST

> There was some discussion very early after the release of the uCsimm
> about memory leaks in the malloc/free code. I don't know what the
> outcome ever was. Check the list archives, some people had some
> suggestions / solutions that could be done with that code within the
> libc library.

Yes, the uClinux libc from RT-control has broken malloc/free

I published a version to the uClinux list months ago, but it's
pretty simple and does have some caveats. It was later modified
and submitted for inclusing in the "official" ucLibc, but I don't
know if that happened.

I've attached the last version I saw, modified by Vadim Lebedev
<>. Compile it and replace the malloc.o and free.o
object modules in your libc.

Fixes printf and all other leaks caused by malloc/free. I've been
using it for months.

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