Re: [uCsimm] cs8900 & wait-states

From: daniel haensse (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 02:20:51 EST

> I agree, but I think that 1WS should be tested very well first before
> you trust it.
> There's another possibility to improve speed for the first hardware
> release with
> software byte swapping: Instead of the rol.w instructions, simple byte
> moves
> will improve the block transfer speed by ~30%. I have benchmarked the
> results
> some time ago, but the details have been lost in my desk's Bermuda
> Triangle.

If we try to communicate with another 68k without byte swapping on the databus,
we are in trouble. Many (older) medical devices are running with 68k uPs ( is
their anybody around who want to be monitored by a intel processor running nt
as an os ;) ) and don't have the byteswapping on the databus, since they use
proprietary protocols.
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