[uCsimm] how to upload a program without kernel?

From: okan VURAL (vuralokan@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 07:47:00 EST

I want to upload a program (asm or c. file) to ucsimm
 without image.bin(without linux kernel).But I dont know how ?
 I know that the program must start at 0x00020000.And dont know if
 something else apart this needed...? (i did'nt use
 any direct adressing also.)
    This is the basic program that flashes the leds.I
 wrote it in assembler and uploaded to ucsimm,but it did
 not work...
      opt cre

      org $00020000

 move.b #$01,$fffff41b
 move.b #$01,$fffff418
 move.b #$01,$fffff419

 end start

Okan Vural

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