[uCsimm] Using the bootloader API

From: David (davidbeamonte@yahoo.es)
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 12:44:56 EST


I'm trying to write into the flash using the bootloader API but I must be doing
something wrong because the function flash_write_range() always return -1 and
doesn't write anything.

I assume that the base address and offset must be a multiple of 4K, so I use as
base address 0x10c10000, that is where the flash SO image starts. The problem
must be that the flash is protected in some way, but I don't know how to use
the function that unprotects regions of flash to write on it. I can't locate
the AND and OR masks that are necessary, and that the manual says that are
placed in "flash.h".

Another problem I have found is that I must remove the declaration of the
function flash_write_range() in "flash.h" so that the program compiles ok, and
i must add a declaration of the function using the _bsc3 macro. Don't know if
i'm doing it the right way.

I hope anybody can give a hint about what should i do.



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