Re: [uCsimm] uCsimm power problem

From: daniel haensse (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 04:14:30 EST

Hi Jürg,

The PC powersupply needs some load to work correctly, since a normal board
needs some amps, but the uCSimm needs only 0.070A, the switching regulator
can't work. If you like, you can connect a PC Board at the same time or just buy
a normal power supply. You're from switzerland, so you can order at Distrelec
019449911 (zurich) part number 920619 (238sFr) or 920266 (12.60SFr). The first
one is a nice priced power supply with a voltage and a current display. The
second part is a cheap power supply that you can also buy from Migros
Do-it-yourself (AC/DC Trafo, 220V->5V,200mA).

Viel Spass und Gruess

Am Don, 30 Nov 2000 schrieben Sie:
> Hello
> I just began working with the uCsimm developper kit and do hava my first
> problem
> getting the uCsimm working. I assembled the parts of the kit as shown in the
> schematics and wanted to try the Module. first I measured the voltage
> between
> Pin 7 and 9 without inserting the uCsimm for control -> 3.3V locks good.
> Then I inserted
> the module and hoped, that i get some characters on the serial port. Nothing
> worked. When I measured the Voltage between Pin 7 and 9 in this case, i only
> had
> 1.9V In the manual of uCsimm i could read, that the uCsimm is hold
> on reset, if the power ist below 2.9V. So it looks, that my module is on
> reset as well.
> My Problem is now finding a correct power supply. I used a normal PC Power
> Supply
> with 5V Output. Can the Problem also be on the integrated 3.3V Voltage
> Controller?
> Can anybody help me?
> Thanks
> Jürg
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