[uCsimm] uCsimm power problem

From: Pargätzi Jürg (paj@sak.ch)
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 01:28:58 EST


I just began working with the uCsimm developper kit and do hava my first
getting the uCsimm working. I assembled the parts of the kit as shown in the
schematics and wanted to try the Module. first I measured the voltage
Pin 7 and 9 without inserting the uCsimm for control -> 3.3V locks good.
Then I inserted
the module and hoped, that i get some characters on the serial port. Nothing
worked. When I measured the Voltage between Pin 7 and 9 in this case, i only
 1.9V In the manual of uCsimm i could read, that the uCsimm is hold
on reset, if the power ist below 2.9V. So it looks, that my module is on
reset as well.

My Problem is now finding a correct power supply. I used a normal PC Power
with 5V Output. Can the Problem also be on the integrated 3.3V Voltage

Can anybody help me?


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