Re: [uCsimm] spontaneous reboots.

Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 19:23:47 EST

If you are having problems with spontaneous reboots, check to see if your
uCgardener has two blue capacitors or one blue and one red. If it has two
blue capacitors, that may be the problem. If you have the uCgardener
schematic handy, try switching the capacitor marked "C2" with a (red) 10uF
tantalum capacitor. It must be oriented with the anode (marked with a +
and a verticle stripe) facing the center of the PCB and the unmarked side
facing the RJ45 connector. There was a part substitution a while back that
required the new (red) capacitor for the uCgardener.

Damon Stewart
Lineo, Inc.

> Hello there,
> Is there anybody that has had experiences with the uCsimm rebooting
> spontaneously ?
> I have has the module here for a few weeks now, and with the default
> rom-image, it will spontaneously reboot to the boot-loader.
> It seems to be somehow related to the ethernet connection, since I havent
> had it reboot by itself when i unplug it from ethernet after booting up.
> Any ideas .. or is this just a bug/defect ?

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