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From: Richard Sevenich (
Date: Sat Nov 25 2000 - 10:56:42 EST

Hello Weiowen,

Typing 'go' was correct. One would hope that the subsequent boot of uClinux
would not hang without the ethernet connection, but my version does that too.

[Anybody else ... is there an updated boot process without this feature that
can be downloaded?]

Otherwise you need a 10 base T ethernet card in your Linux box and a crossover
(not straight through) ethernet cable (About $5 here) with appropriate end
connectors (e.g. my cable has RJ45 male on both ends to fit my gear). If you
have a hub, with two 'normal' cables that could supplant the single (and
simple) crossover cable.

Good luck,
Richard wrote:
> Hi, Richard
> Thanks a lot for your help
> Now I can see the uCbpptstrap work and I saw the prompt B$. I type help

> and I saw a list of commands. The manual does not say what I should do
> so I execute the command 'go'. Then I saw a lot of information on the
> screen. And near the end there is one line: 'no network cable attached to

> the configured media' followed by many lines of 'transmit timed out, IRQ
> conflict'
> Questions:
> Do I need to connect uCsimm to ethernet to complete the boot up
> process?(I do not have ethernet connection at home)?
> And so far I have not seen the login prompt yet. Does this imply the
> boot up process is not completed yet?
> I am new to uClinux.
> Thanks a lot for your help!!!
> Weiowen
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