Re: [[uCsimm] question on running ucsimm]

Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 21:13:28 EST

Hi, Richard
    Thanks a lot for your help
    Now I can see the uCbpptstrap work and I saw the prompt B$. I type help
and I saw a list of commands. The manual does not say what I should do next,
so I execute the command 'go'. Then I saw a lot of information on the
screen. And near the end there is one line: 'no network cable attached to
the configured media' followed by many lines of 'transmit timed out, IRQ
    Do I need to connect uCsimm to ethernet to complete the boot up
process?(I do not have ethernet connection at home)?
    And so far I have not seen the login prompt yet. Does this imply the
boot up process is not completed yet?

    I am new to uClinux.
Thanks a lot for your help!!!

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