[uCsimm] RE: [uClinux-dev] BEWARE: Lineo 68360 board

From: Paugam Luc (PAUGAML@thmulti.com)
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 04:54:43 EST

Hi Michael,

BEWARE If you use a 25MHz Motorola MC68EN360, you cannot have 3 Ethernet
ports due to the bandwidth between the CPU core and its CPM (Communications
Processor Module). It is about 22 Mbits/s.
You better should use a 33MHz chip: the bandwidth between the CPU core and
its CPM is 30 Mbits/s (OK for 3 LAN/WAN ports).

Generally it is not a good idea to design a CPU with more than 1 Ethernet
port, with only a MC68EN360.
This uP is not very fast: at 33MHz, 6 MIPS, 10500 dhrystones/second (5.5
BogoMips on uClinux). You have not enough power to fill up 2 or 3 LAN/WAN
ports and to execute apllications.

In order to remedy this fact and to really use 2 or 3 LAN/WAN ports, you
need to use your MC68EN360 at 33MHz in companion mode with a MC68EC060 at

Best Regards

>Michael Leslie [SMTP:mleslie@lineo.ca] wrote:
>For those interested in Lineo's MC68360 board.
>The device is designed to be a high-end T1/E1 router platform.
>For availability and pricing, please contact Jim Stewart
>Again, this board's vital statistics are:
> - 25MHz Motorola MC68EN360
> - 32M DRAM
> - 8M FLASH
> - 10-base-T Ethernet
> - Serial console
> - 3 highly configurable WAN ports
> - IDE interface
> - Nice and small; designed to mount on a laptop hard disk
>Michael Leslie,
>Lineo Inc.

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