[uCsimm] Query about uCSimm

From: Zain Zain (zainulabdin_31@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 23:44:02 EST

I have been using one of your board uCSimm. I have set
the AUTOBOOT option, but now I want to reprogram the
device again, but the board doesnot allow me to go to
thew BOOTLOADER prompt. According to the manual we can
get the prompt by pressing the ESC key, but I have
tried with it a lot. Kindly give me some valuable
suggestion so that I can proceed further.

Looking anxiosly for your response.

Best regards.

> Zain-ul-Abdin
> Design Engineer
> Comcept Pvt. Ltd.
> 6, St.63, F-8/4
> Islamabad, Pakistan.
> PHONE +92(51)264660
> FAX +92(51)251350

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