[uCsimm] power on reset on the uCsimm

From: stirra@wwc.edu
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 20:50:19 EST


My uCsimm does not boot at power on, and I noticed one comment
from a user on the email list from nearly a year ago that their's
didn't either. I am just finishing up a door access application
using the uCsimm, and really don't want to go dragging ladders all
over campus to reset uCsimm's every time there is a power outage.

Is this a problem with the MAX6319? Which version of the chip is
on the uCsimm? Their "standard" timeouts come in 1, 20, 140, and 1120ms
values, and the 68EZ328 requires 250msec minimum. Am I going to
have to add my own power fail detect chip external to the uCsimm
to guarantee boot after power restoration?

Thank you in advance for a quick response!
-- Ralph

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