Re: [uCsimm] 115Kbaud Download fails because.... Add to FAQ's

Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 14:54:05 EST

This may be a little late in coming, but I tested the fast transfer on my
uCsimm last weekend and found that high network traffic does not affect
fast XMODEM download across the serial connection. I ran two flood pings
on the broadcast address of my subnet ( &
and then created a new image on my Linux box and sent it at 115K baud
across the serial line. The image transferred over quickly and my
executables ran fine on the simm. I don't know what would cause the
problems you ran into. -Maybe the problems were caused by other hardware
on your network?

Damon Stewart
Technical Support
Lineo, Inc.

>I found out what causes failure of 115K download.
>On a busy network the 10BT connection pulls current and presumably emits
>Thus 115Kbaud fails.
>On a quite network it works (1 station or Crossover Cable)
>Moral of the story. Remove the RJ45 connector while downloading and
>P.S. Out of form this probably should be done to ensure enough programing

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