Re: [uCsimm] 115Kbaud Download fails because.... Add to FAQ's

From: Erwin Authried (
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 13:08:55 EST

John Jeffers[] wrote:
> Well
> I found out what causes failure of 115K download.
> On a busy network the 10BT connection pulls current and presumably emits noise.
> Thus 115Kbaud fails.
> On a quite network it works (1 station or Crossover Cable)
> Moral of the story. Remove the RJ45 connector while downloading and
> programing.
> P.S. Out of form this probably should be done to ensure enough programing
> current.
> The Webmaster should add this as a correctly worded question and answer to
> the FAQ's.
> Q: Why does fast XMODEM download (115Kbaud) fail while the network
> connector is attached to the uCsimm?
> A: The Network adapter draws current and on busy networks injects noise
> that may cause bit errors in the FAST download. To cure this remove the
> RJ45 (network) connector while downloading and programing.
Hi John,

if the hardware is really so flaky as you claim, then I'd through it into the trash.
I would rather suspect either power supply problems or lost characters because
of receiver overruns. I really hope that you are wrong.



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