[uCsimm] 115Kbaud Download fails because.... Add to FAQ's

From: John Jeffers (jjef@inforamp.net)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 11:01:52 EST


I found out what causes failure of 115K download.

On a busy network the 10BT connection pulls current and presumably emits noise.

Thus 115Kbaud fails.

On a quite network it works (1 station or Crossover Cable)

Moral of the story. Remove the RJ45 connector while downloading and

P.S. Out of form this probably should be done to ensure enough programing

The Webmaster should add this as a correctly worded question and answer to
the FAQ's.

Q: Why does fast XMODEM download (115Kbaud) fail while the network
connector is attached to the uCsimm?

A: The Network adapter draws current and on busy networks injects noise
that may cause bit errors in the FAST download. To cure this remove the
RJ45 (network) connector while downloading and programing.

Cheers John

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