[uCsimm] SNMP agent

From: David (davidbeamonte@yahoo.es)
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 06:53:22 EST


Has anybody ported an SNMP agent to the uCsimm?. I have tried with "smash" and
cmu-snmp, but none of them have worked.

Making several changes to the original code of the default agent that comes
with the smash distribution, I almost made it run, I could see all variables
except sysUpTime, sysContact and sysName. Somewhere there must be a pointer
that overrides variable values and makes the program hang. I could not find out

With cmu-snmp, I tried to compile the default snmpd with m68k-pic-coff-gcc and
I always get an error that I can't understand:
/opt/uClinux/m68k-pic-coff/bin/gld: cannot open scrt0.o: No such file or

If any of you have any idea about how to port an SNMP agent to the uCsimm or
has already developed one, it would be greatly welcome.


David Beamonte

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