[uCsimm] uCsimm timer

From: D. Peter Siddons (peter@lspc6.nsls.bnl.gov)
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 09:01:33 EDT

I thought the timer-counter on the uCsimm was available for user use,
but it
seems not to be so. uClinux seems to use it for the tick clock (?). I
ran the
following program:

#include <asm/MC68EZ328.h>

/* set up timer to generate 1khz pulse train. */

void main(){
PBDIR |= 0x40; /* set PB6 to output */
PBSEL &= 0xbf; /* select internal function */
TPRER = 0x00; /* no clock prescaler */
TCMP = 0x0f; /* divide by 16; with toggle mode > 1khz pulse train. */
TCTL = 0x39; /* set Restart mode, OM=1, IRQEN=1, 32KHz clock and TEN=1

This does what it says, but the response of the system slows down. If I
set TCTL=0x29, i.e. disable the interrupt, then the system hangs. So I
that uClinux needs this timer, therefore it is unavailable for other
uses, right?
The uCsimm manual says that it is available, but it seems not so.
Anyone else used it?

Also, I would like to use the serial port as a normal serial port, i.e.
not as the
console. How do I do that? I will log into the system via telnet. Any
help appreciated.

Pete Siddons
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