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Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 11:10:13 EDT


Thanks for your advice. I'll bear this in mind. I don't think the problems
are with the stack, as they are running uCLinux on the Etrax processor in
their system. I think the initials problems are with my compilation setup.
Once I get past these I'll be able to look in more detail at the
nitty-gritty porting problems.


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I know some people that have been using the Axis stack on a 2.2.14
kernel standard Linux machine. It needed some run-time debugging, but
they said the compiling was no problem.

I have some experience porting apps from 2.2.x kernels to UcLinux. It
is definitely porting problems that keep you from compiling. Typically
the following.

1. Some library calls aren't available in uClinux
2. Get rid of any system logging calls
3. Must change forks to vforks
4. Floating point is funny. Typically need to split it at the decimal
for uClinux.
5. If it's implemented as a kernel module I'm not sure how that would
work, you might have to build it into the kernel.

Wish you good luck, it's a noble project!

Zach Shelby

Thursday, October 26, 2000, 12:22:02 PM, you scribbled:
SN> Hi,

SN> I'm currently working towards getting a bluetooth stack onto uCSimm and
SN> linking through the serial port to an Ericsson Bluetooth Development

SN> I'm working with the Bluetooth stack that a team at Axis have been doing
SN> (thanks guys!), which talks through the HCI layer.

SN> I'm having some problems compiling down the stack (as I'm very new to
SN> this), so if anyone else if working along the same lines, then let me

SN> Also, if anyone can think of any good applications to work towards to,
SN> I'm all ears.

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