[uCsimm] Bluetoothing?

From: Stuart Norton (Stuart.Norton@densitron.co.uk)
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 05:22:02 EDT


I'm currently working towards getting a bluetooth stack onto uCSimm and
linking through the serial port to an Ericsson Bluetooth Development Kit.

I'm working with the Bluetooth stack that a team at Axis have been doing
(thanks guys!), which talks through the HCI layer.

I'm having some problems compiling down the stack (as I'm very new to all
this), so if anyone else if working along the same lines, then let me know.

Also, if anyone can think of any good applications to work towards to, then
I'm all ears.

Stuart Norton,
Project Manager,
Densitron Technologies plc.

Tel: +44 (0)1959 542000

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