[uCsimm] Connecting an EG9013 to the uCsimm

From: Richard Laxton (richardl@chaosmusic.com)
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 02:03:37 EDT


I am using the schematic from the FAQ to connect my EG9013 LCD to my uCsimm
but I am having a little trouble. The schematic has something labelled
DPC0105 on it. It is something to do with generating the Vee signal of the
LCD. Unfortunately I have not been able to find any reference in the whole
world for this component. I have searched Farnell, google.com, altavista and
I find no references.

Anyone out there care to comment? Also, Farnell have the connector for the
LCD but it will end up costing about AU$25 (about US$0.03 ;-) seriously
about US$13) to make the cable. Is this reasonable?

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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