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Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 00:02:32 EDT

Edward Benavides wrote:
> Hello:
> My next task consists of modifying the code to work for a different type
> of flash. Instead of atmel I am using Intel flash.
> I am building a board that is just consisting of the dragonball, flash,
> dram, serial and ethernet. If I use the same system mappings as the ADS
> board, will I just have to modify at_flash.b to initialize the proper
> flash downloading techniques?
> Or do I have to go into the uC source code and port?
> thanks
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Yes and no... I built an alternative system to the ADS & ucsimm and had
to modify some of the kernel sources to match my memory config, etc...
You can see the schematic at '', it really is
not that difficult, what you have to do is to make sure is to make the
appropriate conditional compile statements withing the uClinux to match
your hardware (for example: the RAM memory of the ADS is at
0x200000..0x400000, my RAM is at 0x10000000..0x10800000, so I have to
modify /linux/arch/m68knommu/mm/memory.c to make sure that a heap alloc
of RAM will fall within this range. There are a number of other files
that you will need to make some minor mods to, but not really a big deal
to understand if you have been doing embedded systems for a while and
have had to map resources before. Some of the files to consider are:


As Vladamir says "happy hacking"!


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