[uCsimm] About uCsimm??help!help!

From: Eric Tang (erictang@netteens.net)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 10:44:52 EDT

Dear ALL,

            I am very new to uCsimm and uCLinux, Can anyone give me some
            I have written a C program to access the smartcard reader on
COM 1 in Linux,
            Do you all think that it is also pratical to use in uCsimm
with uCLinux? is it
            difficult to do it?? Do i need to rewrite all the programs?

            By the way, i am not sure how to write program in uCsimm
with uClinux,
            after i transfer the uClinux to the Flash ROM of uCsimm, but
how can i
            write programs and run onn uCsimm..??

            Please help me on that!


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