[uCsimm] Vladimir's M68EZ328ADS FAQ at http://uclinux.home.at/

From: Erwin Authried (eauth@softsys.co.at)
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 10:52:30 EDT

I have converted Vladimir's M68EZ328ADS FAQs to Texinfo.
The html Version can be found in the uClinux Directory at

        Architectures -> Motorola m68k -> 68EZ328 -> M68EZ328ADS board,
or directly at http://uclinux.home.at/m68ez328ads_faq.html
The Texinfo source is available at http://uclinux.home.at/m68ez328ads_faq.texi,
so everybody is invited to make it look nicer.

Thank's to Vladimir for taking the time to write the FAQ.



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