[uCsimm] uClinux on M68EZ328ADS board FAQ

From: Vladimir A. Gurevich (vgurevic@cisco.com)
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 04:17:45 EDT

Hello all,

Sorry for the late response about all the questions regarding running
uClinux on M68EZ328ADS board from Motorola. On September 21st, I became
a happy father of beautiful twin girls (in addition to my 2 year old
son) and now I am very very busy :). It is extremely difficult to be
a father of 3 and continue hacking. But I'll try to do my best.

Here are the answers to most of the questions:

Q: I am having trouble compiling uClinux- fro M68EZ328ADS.
A: M68EZ328ADS support in uClinux- is broken. In fact,
   I noticed that it is broken in all official releases.
   I didn't notice it before, because
      1) I had no personal need in upgrading my kernel
      2) I was always referring people to my private images on

   The bad news is that I don't have fixes for pre7 yet. It might
   take some time, though not too much, I hope.

   The good news is that I just put precompiled pre1-based images
   for M68EZ328ADS on ftp.employees.org. For most of the stuff that
   you can do with the board (for now) pre1 is as good as pre7.

   Of course, the diffs against are also there.


Q: How can I communicate with the board using Linux?
A: You can get a kermit script "bbug" which implements most of the
   functionality of BBUG.EXE utility provided by Motorola.

   You'll also need kermit itself, which you can get from

   Alternatively, you can run BBUG.EXE from DOSEMU.

Q: Is it possible to use SDS debugger?
A: I don't know, since I don't have it. Theoretically, it should
   be possible.

Q: How can I load S-records onto the board?
A: You have to convert them to B-records that are functionally
   equivalent. B-record format is natively understood by MC68EZ328 CPU.
   It is described in M68EZ328 User's Manual by Motorola

   There is a simple Perl script, distributed with uClinux that performs
   this conversion. You can find it in


Q: How can I program FLASH on M68EZ328ADS?
A: There is a primitive FLASH utility, at_flash.b that you can get

   It moves the contents of the first 1MB of DRAM into the first
   1MB on FLASH.

   From bbug you have to do:

    load at_flash.b
    load your_file.b
    start 1004

   Your B-records file should be placed at address 0x00400000

   See also 'program_flash' macro in bbug source.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Search uClinux list archives. I've sent a lot of information there.
   Send an email to uClinux list. I am monitoring it, but, as I said
   I might not be able to answer immediately. But, there are many other
   people on the list who can help! Even if you send me a personal email
   with a uClinux question, please, copy the list.

Premium question: How does it feel to be a father of 3?

Happy hacking,

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