Re: [uCsimm] uClinux/CVS repository started

From: David McCullough (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 07:34:30 EDT

Jivin Craig Peacock lays it down ...
> David,
> How are you progressing with the CVS repository. Can we (The List) be
> of any assistance?

Michael Leslie has taken over this and I understand it is quite close
to being available (it was very close at the end of last week). We have
a fair list of people committing time to making it run smooth, however,
I am sure all input will be appreciated, especially during the break
in phase.

A lot of work is being/will need to be done as we pull all the different
branches of development back to one code base (coldfire/arm/uClinux/...).

> Does anyone have a list of bugs/fixes or added features between each
> version, e.g. 2.0.38pre4, pre5, pre7?

I don't have this info available, someone else should ?

> Where can bug fixes such as two copies of each device in /dev, or
> the terminal opening to /dev be found. Is there an updated copy of the
> userland binaries somewhere? uC-src.310899.tar.gz ?

I haven't seen these bugs in any of the coldfire releases I have worked on.
I suspect it is fixed in the current sources.


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