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From: Benavides, Edward A (edward.a.benavides@intel.com)
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 14:10:40 EDT

Well everything works well up until the load flash.b command. The load
at_flash.b installs fine but when I
want to load the flash.b file then it times out on me. This is weird?
Sometimes it will time out but still say
SUCCESS. When I try to take off bootstrap mode and reset it does nothing.

Do you have a flash.b file at your ftp site that I could access to verify
that my file is good?

After flash.b is loaded and I start 400 should I stay in bbug after reset?
What would happen if I opened the terminal with minicom? I should still
expect the kernel to load and give me a bootup prompt.

Thanks for your help,

I just want to get this board loaded.

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Hello Edward,

"Benavides, Edward A" wrote:

> - Edit the Board.mk file by replacing ADS with MC68EZ328ADS and
> board= alma_ads with ads

Somehow, my code for ALMA boards and the ADS board got corrupted in
uClinux- So yes, some manual work is neede and I still
hope that uClinux maintainers will fix this damage some day.

> Go into the uClinux config file and set the kernel up for the ADS kit and
> disabiling both the ucsimm and the ethernet controller that resides with
> simm

> - make dep; make clean, make flash.b this makes both the flash.b and
> flash.S19 files after requesting permission for the stob file

Correct, hope you configured your kernel to be ran from ROM (and I
this code for ADS board was also damaged in pre7 :( )
> - I downloaded Vlads bbug program and Kermit 7.0 ; the program had to be
> edited to satisfy where it was going to look for kermit and the flash.b

> - After executing bbug, with DIP S6 in the bootstrap position, I type
> and it works. The next step, load flash.b keeps timing out on me and this
> is where my problem is. I even used at_flash.b and I got the same

OK, here is the confusion. There is flash.b that contains uClinux kernel
root filesystem and there is at_flash.b that you can download from
my ftp site, which is a small utility to program the first megabyte of
the FLASH on ADS board. The "program_flash" macro in bbug script
at_flash.b to be somewhere in /usr/local/lib/bbug/flash.b

> After flash.b is loaded I was told to "start 400". Is 400 the entry point
> for the kernel start vector?

The sequence is:

1) Load at_flash.b
2) Load flash.b
3) Start 400

After everything goes OK, but DIP switches in normal position
and reset the board. uClinux should come up.

> Any help is appreciated, I just want to get a bootlogo.h and a happy tux
> my monitor.

You probably unless you added that support yourself. My ADS port does
have LCD support, because I don't have an LCD.

Let me know if you still have problems.

Happy hacking,

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