[uCsimm] Breaking the workload.

From: dormando@rydia.net
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 13:56:22 EDT


I had the thought of using decent sized PICs programmed as http parsers
along with a uCsimm. The simm could listen on port 80, pass the headers
onto the PIC, and receive the header to send back, and some information on
what file to send with it, or what CGI program to run (if at all.) I
assume this would help lots in offloading work from the simm. I was also
wondering if it were possible to create limited SMTP, POP3, DNS, etc
servers using $8-12 PICs. You don't have to worry about writing TCP/IP
stacks or limited file system junk for the PICs like everyone else running
"the world's smallest webserver" does :)

What could be the limitations of this? Is the general I/O of the uCsimm
too slow, or could the simplicity of the amount of data being transferred
help this process (the simm transferring files, etc)?

It would be neat to be able to create a webserver with good speed and
functionality for $30-$45 extra. I'm not talking about saturating a
10megabit link, but maybe 600k/1mbit :)

have fun,

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