Re: [uCsimm] eth circuits: are there 100mbit circuits too?

From: Glenn West (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 00:03:52 EDT

I've written a few flood programs,
it not to hard to do. Floods
are useful for testing device
drivers. Any benchmark
on ftp speed out of the ucSimm?

At 09:59 AM 10/6/2000, you wrote:
> > Well, my uCsimm can't even push maxing out the 10bt interface so there
> > is really no point in adding anything faster. Choosing a 100bt chip
> > over a 10bt would only add extra cost not extra speed.
>Yes, that sounds right. If you think about, the 'ez328 runs at 2.77
>bogoMIPS (if you'r not using the LCD controller). And if memory serves
>correct, it's connected to the CS8900A by a 16bit data bus. So even if it
>wrote a 16 bit word to the Ethernet controller every instruction, it could
>only push out 43.2 Mbit.
>And we all know you can't write a word to the NIU every cycle. You have
>to copy it out of a buffer, increment the buffer pointers, etc. You could
>only hit 10 Mbit if you could a push a word to the NUI every fourth cycle,
>which I think everyone would agree is totally unrealistic. And then you'd
>be doing nothing but handling network traffic, you wouldn't be running
>processes to generate network traffic.
>Anyway, a lot of PC-class machines (386's, 486's and low-end Pentiums) can
>be flooded by even a 10Base connection.
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