Re: [uCsimm] BOA and CGIs

From: Greg Ungerer (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 18:50:20 EDT

Hi All,

Larry Doolittle wrote:
> Some people on this list have hacked Boa to have its configuration set
> at compile time, and not use a boa.conf file at all. This reduces the
> size of the executable file. I don't have a link to that hack, sorry.

That would be me. The hacked sources are in the uClinux/ColdFire
source distribution, at

> > I also downloaded the last version of BOA from and compiling it I get
> > an executable "boa". Is this the file that must be configured with inetd to
> > receive the web calls instead of httpd?.
> Boa should not be run from inetd. It is supposed to be run once at boot.
> It will daemon itself, just like inetd. That master Boa process takes
> care of all static page accesses itself, and forks/execs as needed to
> handle CGI requests.

Sure does. I have been using boa with cgi-bins (and authentication)
extensively. It all works as advertised on uClinux.


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